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Compete or cooperate?

Posted on 16 March 2006 by admin

Both competition and cooperation play a large role in the advancement of society, both in business and non-business areas. Competition forces people to improve their products or services, and hence benefits the recipients of these products or services. Cooperation, however, plays an even more important role in development of individuals and the society as a whole, because it drastically increases the scale of these improvements. Working in groups and teams far increases the productivity of individuals. Thus, I firmly believe children should be taught to cooperate rather than to compete. Continue Reading

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Nature or Nurture?

Posted on 16 March 2006 by admin

While many individuals complain that they are not sufficiently clever to succeed in life, I firmly believe that personality and development are decided more by education and training after birth than any given gene. Continue Reading

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Will computers replace teachers?

Posted on 16 March 2006 by admin

With the present wide use of computers, in the course of teaching, more and more teachers are in favour of using computers as an aid in teaching their students or in appropriating the latest information from the Internet. However, I am not a believer in the argument that computers may in the future take the place of teachers in teaching students. Continue Reading

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Money and success

Posted on 16 March 2006 by admin

The notion of success holds different meanings for different people and groups. Such meanings have changed and evolved over time. Actually, many propose that possessing an abundance of money implies success. However, this view is rendered obsolete in the minds of those individuals who hold that one’s success cannot be measured strictly by money. Continue Reading

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Being alone or with friends?

Posted on 16 March 2006 by admin

There are many lovely things in our lives such as the fresh air on a winter day, the beauty of the country in autumn, learning of love and the growing of a friendship. Everyone has friends or desires friends in the pursuit of sharing emotions. Thus many people enjoy spending most of their time with friends, like me, while others prefer to remain alone. Continue Reading

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Can young people teach older people?

Posted on 15 March 2006 by admin

Living at the start of the new millennium, in the most advanced technological era in history, one is confronted with a plethora of knowledge and information which itself continues to become outdated by the moment. While young people possess an ability to learn new concepts and absorb information faster and easier many now products or ideas could be taught to old people if they possessed the desire to learn.

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