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Posted on 17 March 2006 by admin

Free Download Zone
To download a file and save it to your harddisk instead of viewing it, right-click on the link and select ‘Save this link as…’ from the popup menu that will show. When your web-browser asks where to place the file, select a directory on your harddisk (such as "My Documents") where you can find it back later.

Download the free eBook "Admission essay tips and samples."
How to Prepare for the Writing Tasks of the Next Generation TOEFL – A Complete Course with 187 Sample Essays. Download a preview here.
Sample Essays for the TOEFL Writing Test (TWE) – Answers to All TOEFL Essay Questions. Download a preview here.
Personal Statements and Letters of Recommendation by Example. Download a preview here.

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  1. Tijana Says:

    I am from Serbia and Montenegro and I would like to purchase some books from your site. At the moment it is not possible, because my country is not on your country list. I hope you will make it possible for me to buy your books in the near future.

    p.s. You helped me a lot in preparing toefl exam. Thank you very much!

  2. Ivan Says:

    you are the best!

  3. Emilia Says:

    I have the same problem than Tijana, I am from Peru and I would like to buy your e-book but my country is not in your list. Is there any posibility that I can purchase your e-book?

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Tijana and Emillia,
    Thanks for the question.
    Please go to our online shop at to purchase and download your eBook:
    This shop accept credit cards from all over the world.

  5. Lesya Says:

    My name is Lesya, I am from Ukraine, I would like to download E-book for preparation to TOEFl essays.
    I visited that site you recommended, but they sell only printed books, but not downloaded.
    Can your recommend me anything? I would like to buy and download “Samples essays for the TOEFL writing test”
    Thank you for your help.

  6. Lesya Says:

    My name is Lesya. I am from Ukraine. My country is not available in the list for purchasing E-book (sample essays) for preparation to the TOEFL essay. My American friend can buy it for me. I have one question. Can he mention my e-mail address when he fills purchasing form and can I receive this book without him sending it to me? Just from you site or not. I hope, you will answer me quickly.

    Thank you for your help.

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Lesya,
    Thank you for your message. The answer is: your friend must use his own email address to make payment through PayPal, but you can download the eBook from this site by entering your friend’s email once the payment is done.

    P.S. Here is the link on that you can download the eBook – Sample essays – regardless of your country:

  8. Lesya Says:

    Hello! This is Lesya again.
    Thank you very much for your answer.
    Sorry, I didn’t understand it completely.
    For example, my American friend will pay by credit card. After his payment, shall I click on icon “buy now” and in a purchasing form I have to type his e-mail address and after that I can download this book? Or I should take different steps?
    Thank you for your answer.
    Please, answer me urgently, because I need this book soon.

    With respect

  9. Lesya Says:

    This is Lesya from Ukraine again.
    Thank you very much for you answer, but I didn’t understand it completely. Where shall I type e-mail address my American friend who bought this book for me?
    Shall I type it in empty purchasing form or somewhere else.
    Please, answer my question, because I need this book very much.
    Thank you for your help

  10. sanaz Says:

    thank u very much for ur nice information.

  11. kelly Says:


    I’m from South Korea

    Something came up when I finished payment and was downloading the files.

    Ater downloading one of the files I closed the window of your

    website. Now i can’t find where to/how to download the books again.

    You say that I can down load the files up to ten times but I’ve just

    downloaded a file only once. I.’ve tried the “download” menu but i assume

    that I can only see preview by doing so. please help me..

  12. kelly Says:

    I just left a message here a minute ago but I’s deleted now.

    What happened?

    I finished payment and was downloading a file and mistakingly closed the

    window of this website. Now I can’t find where to download the e-books

    I tried the “download” menu but it seems that I can only see preview by doing so. And about the link you say , do I need to sign up there again? Cuz I can’t not log in there with email account and password that I used for payment.

    Please help!!

  13. admin Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Here is the link to download your eBook:

  14. Arye Kim Says:

    hey i’m Arye Kim in South Korea,
    i’m pretty fluent in English and
    i’m only 8th grader
    i’m planning to go to ivy leagues.
    and i know that essay is very important,
    is it possible to download
    free essays that people worte for IBT TOEFL?
    which is pretty good…. haha

    this site is very usefull
    lots of koreans can’t speak english well
    and i can because i’ve lived abroad for 5 years or so haha
    yea anyway i think i’ll visit this site more often!!!

    plz send me some essays and topics to my e-mails
    if you have any available


  15. Ben Says:

    Hi, please I need to know can I download from this site or any site Toefl free tests for prepare for axams? And if you know site or any thing about it pls, help, me. Thank you!

  16. Mui Says:

    Hi , My name is MUI. I’m Thai. I plan for take TOEFL test by Aug 07. So I want someone to practice with me together. Or if you want friend , don’t hesitate to reply my e-mail. I will waiting for your contact. Thank you….

  17. polys chim Says:

    Hello, My name polys. I am Cambodian. I need some friends to give me some advice about taking in the TOEFL test.

  18. Pradeep Says:

    Dear sir,

    The site mentions’s Members’ Club for viewing 5.0 and 6.0 score GMAT essays. But when I log on to, I can’t any link for taking membership. Help me, please.

    Warm reagards.

    Pradeep, New Delhli.

  19. pp Says:

    thank you very much
    u rock

  20. esrat Says:

    i am from turkey,this site is useful for me writing toefl essay..but i am not well to write and i need more essay to read…i hope that you can send to my mail..alredy thanks for

  21. priyanka Says:

    hi i am priyanka, how do i get the ans of all 185 essay i can download it
    .please tell me as soon as possible.

  22. reza asiabany Says:

    hello. Iam a math teacher. I enjoy english lang….but i can’t speek it and underestand it. please hellp me by ebook or website language

  23. LARRY nkacha Says:

    please can you get me and ebook for my preperatiomn

  24. Farqani Says:

    I am from Azerbaijan!

    Thank you very much for putting so much information concerning strategies of writing demanded essays for TOEFL. I am going to have IBT ( Internet Based Test) very soon on 24 th of february and hope to do my best. I feel confident about it as i’ve got valuable ideas from your website.

    Good luck!! thank you again
    BEST Farqani

  25. poorya Says:

    i am from iran . i like writing like american people further more i know alot of grammar point but i can’t write well . what shall i do ?

  26. Satang Says:

    Hi there ! I am from Thailand. I always meet a problem with English essay.
    I want to do it well, but finally it seems simply and generally. Who meet the problem like me ?

  27. maryam sharifi Says:

    dear pooria
    i have to confuss that i hade the same situation as urs.i mean my writing were nit good at all.but finaly as i wanted to take part in ielts exam i had no way to go through i just started to read some related books and i can see great progress.

  28. natia Says:

    Hi !

    I am from Georgia. I like this site. It helps me very mach to prepare for TOEFL.

    thanks alot :))

  29. kiran Says:

    please send me the some essays asked in toefl ibt

  30. Elvin Says:

    hello! my name is elvin asadov! i am from Azerbaijan! I d like to download toeflessay for free!

  31. moaz Says:

    I want somebody to talk and speak in english with JUST to practice my english

  32. Rezgar Says:

    thanks for your grat virtual area

  33. mojtaba Says:

    i am a engineer, but i can not speak or listen english well,
    please help me by your ebooks,
    best regards.

  34. Hanako Matsuyama Says:

    I online purchase of the Toefl Essay eBook, but I have not download it yet, I don’t know how I can download it, please advice.

  35. aslan Says:

    hi,i come freom shiraz,i need who knows a lot about english thay i can evolve my speaking ability

  36. Goudarz Javadian Says:

    hi,I am Goudarz from Iran.I am preparing myself for improve in essays and looking for THE TOEFL ESSAYS by Barron` will be very kind of you all to help me for find sites which can download the pdf type of that book.
    with regards

  37. Rusta Says:

    Hello thank for u! I am from Tajikistan, I would like find essay “study objective”, can u help me please?

  38. mahmod Says:

    hello, i,m from iran,thank u for your useful ebook

  39. Faze Says:

    please could you help me for ILETS essay.
    God bless us :)
    Thanks a lot and please contact me

  40. mohammad Says:

    tnx for ebooks.
    this papers will be usefull for perfect learning .

  41. silvia sabate Says:

    I bougth the Essay On Line Book and I was promised I would be able to download a “COLLECTION OF FREE BONUS MATERIAL” which was IMPOSSIBLE to dowload.
    I’m disspointed..

  42. fahim Says:

    Hello Dear Readers;
    This is fahim from Kabul, wants to get breif information about writing an essay and it would ur kind on me.

  43. ziba Says:

    I want to write my essays and there someone scores my essyas is it possible?

  44. NWOGU OBINNA Says:


  45. Sarit Says:

    As I have read the book, I think that it is very good to have this sample and topics for anyone who would like to improve their English Writing. Hopefully, we all can obtain more command of English in all skills.

  46. Mai Anh Says:

    Hey every one, I’m Mai Anh from Vietnam. Can you help me with the toefl paper test 2006 up to now, i can’t find it on intenet? if u has, can u send for me to the address mail with the file of Word of PDF! Thanks!

  47. shafqat Says:

    hi ,shafqat from lahore(pakistan)…i am going to take toefl iBT on 10th of july …can anyone help me in speaking section and plzzzzzzzz tell me links for free practice test of toefl iBT……May God bless u

  48. amir.k Says:

    hi there
    thanks any way cause of ur ebooks

  49. shania Says:

    Hi. Can anyone send me toefl speaking topics?

  50. shania Says:

    Which TOEFL book should be useful to read? please write.

  51. M.Azam Says:

    for all
    i am a student of M.A linguistics at Karakorum Inernational University Gilgit-Baltistan,Pakistan. As its a newly established university so we are not provided enough resources in library. Secondly its a backward area and we cant afford book by ourselves. I am carrying out my thesis on “Error Analysis”. plz if any one you help me to find a free e-book on Error Analysis.Thanx

  52. M.Azam Says:

    for all
    i am a student of M.A linguistics at Karakorum Inernational University Gilgit-Baltistan,Pakistan. As its a newly established university so we are not provided enough resources in library. Secondly its a backward area and we cant afford books by ourselves. I am carrying out my thesis on “Error Analysis”. plz if any one of you help me to find a free e-book on Error Analysis.Thanx

  53. Paul Says:

    U r the best

  54. Mariam Maihandost Says:

    Dear sir
    I wanrt to download free toefl ebook for ur site but unforuanaly i cant .plz sent me some information to my emil adress .thanks

  55. Mariam Maihandost Says:

    Dear sir
    I want to download free toefl ebook for practice from your site if you have a link plz sent me in my email adress .thanks

  56. vivek Says:


  57. muneer Says:

    i’m from yemen and i need anyone to send me toefl book because it’s not available in yemen ,please please

  58. ulishka Says:


  59. izan Says:

    i lov tis


    hi . im from iran . i wish recive a grant for education in abroad .please help field is laberatory science.

  61. sosorbruam Says:

    Hello. I want to TOEFL exercise book

  62. majeed Says:

    hi. how i can write a better eassay can anyone guide me ?

  63. majeed Says:

    i want to take toefl pbt and i have not any information about it. so please anyone help me in this section

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